cloud bridge

Automate your cloud migration

More and more businesses today are looking at moving their applications to the cloud to leverage its many benefits:

  • Improved performance and responsiveness
  • Global access to support worldwide operations
  • Rapid scalability to support your evolving business needs
  • Improved resilience for critical business functions through automatic contingency and recovery planning
  • Reduced cost of infrastructure
  • React in a more agile manner to business challenges
  • Better overall user experience
  • Manage and allocate your resources more efficiently, freeing developers to add new capabilities
  • Improved data security

The business world is questioning ‘how can our business benefit from moving into the cloud, and how can this be achieved as effectively as possible?’ The process of managing and maintaining a migration into the cloud can be demanding and expensive in terms of the expertise and skills required. Whether your applications are modern or legacy, our Cloud Bridge is a fully automated, transformation solution that provides the ability to translate and evolve your applications whilst preserving asset value.

Product Overview
How we can help

Migrating applications into the cloud is often a manual, time consuming error prone process. Our fully configurable CloudBridge addresses these issues and provides levels of automation you never thought possible. When developing the CloudBridge we had 5 key requirements in mind:

  • Provide automatic language to language translation
  • Translate applications implemented in multiple languages
  • Provide full traceability between your existing and migrated applications
  • Offer full data migration capability
  • Review and optimise your application design
The Cloud Bridge is supported by our well defined and documented three phase process:
Phase 1
Analyse Application Source

Cloud Bridge is easily adapted to support any programming language.
Far more powerful than competitor parser technology, Cloud Bridge provides multi-language support, a modular language definition structure and the ability to understand language definition rules of any complexity, including those that would defy other parsers.

Cloud Bridge analyses your application source code and data directly to build a comprehensive and navigable model of your application landscape.

The model is now available for further analysis and optimisation.
Phase 2
Define Migration Strategy

Cloud Bridge interrogates the application model to uncover the optimal sequence for migration.

By understanding the relationships between your application components and data sources, Cloud Bridge determines which migration path is most favourable.

By recognising the use of common libraries incompatible with the cloud, Cloud Bridge is able to recommend compatible alternatives. For instance, some networking libraries underperform in a cloud environment, and others make use of operating system specific interactions.

The finalised migration strategy is now available for fully automatic translation.

Phase 3
Automatic Code Translation

Using the migration strategy Cloud Bridge can now automatically generate into the target language / environment of your choice.

Cloud Bridge’s generator is capable of producing migrated applications in any language. Furthermore Cloud Bridge acknowledges that application migration is only part of the full story; data migration is a key concern of any migration process.

Automatic data migration using the Cloud Bridge delivers peace of mind by preserving data integrity.

This iterative process is repeated until your entire application landscape has been successfully migrated.

The Benefits
Review and optimise your application design to fully leverage the benefits of running in the cloud

Cloud Bridge analyses the application model to find behaviour duplicated across multiple applications, to reduce redundant migration effort

Automatic translation of GUI elements and layouts, ensure your new system is as easy to use as your existing system
Ensures functional equivalence between the existing and new systems by providing traceability between old application and new

Eliminates human error by fully automating your migration into the cloud

Reduce time, cost and manual effort needed to migrate into the cloud
Reduces future software maintenance effort and cost

Provides the opportunity to customise every aspect of the proposed migration strategy